Xbox 360 usb adapter for mac

This is a control pad, which indicates whether all the buttons on the controller are working properly.


With these different games come different control configurations, which can get tedious when you only have one type of controller. For full flexibility of use, there are many tools and apps available which allow you to play any game with any Mac compatible joystick or controller — even the ones that are not compatible with joysticks.

Free Driver

Jan 16, - 4: Hi Nathan, as far as I recall reading with all these applications: Please, Help me.. Install Gamepad Companion. I noticed that a new release has been made available less than 2 weeks ago — I have not yet tested that one though, but it may address one or the other bug. As far as I recall, they allow you to map actions to keyboard actions.

Out of the many apps to choose from, Joystick Mapper is our pick. Once you download the Joystick Mapper app, you need to create a pre-set for your game preferences. On average, there is a whopping 62GB of junk found on Macs, with jam-packed caches and folders full of useless documents cluttering the hard drive.

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This considerably slows down the performance of your Mac, preventing quick and easy installations, and can even hinder the controller connectivity. CleanMyMac X is an app dedicated to cleaning your Mac head-to-toe.

It scans everything on the computer - even old folders that have been evading your wrath for years - identifying what needs to be removed. The Mac is inspected rigorously, and with its smart one-click clean-up, CleanMyMac sweeps away the unwanted rubbish to organize folders and speed up performance. Furthermore, CleanMyMac X is free to download.

So, what are you waiting for? Download it for free here.

Xbox 360 Controller Driver 0.16.10 for Mac OS X

Ivan Exploring latest tech trends. Apple obsessed. Other info Sadly, my PowerMac has died, which as my primary development machine has slowed progress. I have added a version of the driver without support for the Guitar Hero controller, to allow the Guitar Hero for Mac game to work it attempts to access hardware directly, which doesn't work if a real driver has claimed the device.

Help If you find the driver does not work for you, please attempt and find out as much as you can about the device, preferably using the Apple "USB Prober" application provided with the developer tools, but the output of System Profiler for the device may be enough. E-mail it back and I'll try and work with you to get it working.

How to use an Xbox 360 controller on your Mac

Force feedback-enabled games Games I've currently tested for force feedback support only games that support basic rumble will probably function currently, as I've only implemented triangle, square and sine wave-type effects. I also lack any other force feedback device for comparison: Jammin' Racer - seems to work fine.

Getting the hardware for XBox 360 Controller on Mac

I honestly had zero use for a XBox Controller on my Mac, since I'm a keyboard/mouse gamer The USB receiver can handle up to 4 XBox controllers. Here is how to use an Xbox controller on a Mac. Firstly, you need to plug the USB receiver into a free USB port on your Mac.

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